RELIFE at Vela Festival in S.Margherita!

From 2 to 5th of May Vela Festival took place in S.Margherita Ligure!
At the Outdoor Portofino stand, we talked about Patella ferruginea and the ReLife project.
Despite of the purely sporting context, the subject aroused interest and curiosity.
The most surprising moment was when a man named Franco approached the stand asking “How are the limpets? Since I saw a Linea Blu programme on TV last year, I often asked myself about it”.
In the collective imagination, the limpet is like a mussel (for culinary reasons) and most of people are surprised when realized that the animal is not a filter feeder but a grazer making shifts of unsuspected length.
The camp season is upon us and Patella ferruginea is looking forward to making itself known to the kids who will participate !!!