C.4 Transport and implantation of juveniles in the repopulation areas


This action refers to the final steps of the re-establishment of P. ferruginea population through the introduction of the juveniles cultured in the Camogli hatchery. Re-implantation will take place in the Ligurian MPAs (Portofino, Bergeggi and Cinque Terre) and in the donor site (Tavolara) in order to restore the donor stock.

The relevant phases of this Action are:

  • Identification: the individual specimens to be transferred from the hatchery to the natural environment will be tagged to allow the monitoring of survival and growth.
  • Transportation to the receiving sites.
  • Reintroduction in protected conditions (cages for preventing loss at sea and predation) 
  • Genetic survey: before the reintroduction into the natural environment, a fraction of juveniles will be genotyped to assess the level of genetic diversity compared to the source population
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From April to August 2017-2018-2020


Not yet active