C.3 Adaptation, breeding and reproduction of specimens for active restocking


This action performs reproduction of P. ferruginea in the hatchery to produce juveniles for repopulation.

The procedure foresees the following steps:

  • Acclimatization of adults coming from the Tavolara MPA to controlled environment
  • Sexual maturation of the adults in the tanks.
  • Fertilization of spawned gametes.
  • Larval rearing till metamorphosis: following fertilization, larval development will be followed and cultured until metamorphosis, when the larvae will settle on substrates, shifting from planktonic to benthic life style.
  • Juveniles rearing: metamorphosed individuals will be cultured until achievement of a convenient size for translocation in the natural environment in MPAs.


Action details




From April 2017 to September 2020


Not yet active