RELIFE on LIVE from the page of Portofino MPA!

From Thursday, May 14, 2020, Portofino MPA started six live web events designed to tell, in simple words, some European projects and a new communication initiative of Portofino MPA (supported by the Ministry of Environment).

The live broadcast can be easily followed on the MPA facebook  page. The core of the web conference will be the four themes addressed by the new web series produced by the MPA, aimed at enhancing the biodiversity of the bottom. The themes concern the four habitats of the MPA – surface rocky, Posidonia oceanica, coralligenous and pelagic – and will be described through interviews with scientists and researchers who can also answer live questions.

On May 28th the LIVE will focus on RELIFE and the current theme of restoration with the recovery of the species Patella ferruginea together with Prof. MariaChiara Chiantore of the University of Genoa.